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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

About Dreams and Promises....

For many years I have promised 6-6 that we would get to Brooklyn he could study and reach his Dreams..his future. And then in 2008 the Economic Collapse happened and everything was put on hold. And all of these years he has watched me work very hard ( and not always at Nurse Jobs) to keep The Dream afloat. And I know at times he lost hope and became discouraged. And then this year I know he was worried that so many things were taking his dreams further away. ( From money problems to MS to Landlord Problems and our dying Xena and a car accident to the Flooded Out Home....)

And through it all, I told him to Hang On, Hang On to Your Dream, that it matters. I told him that if we met people who understood and also valued his dream it would be okay. I told him that it mattered, that his future mattered. I told him that I had made a Promise and I was going to keep it, Hell or High Water. ( and yes , I wish I had not said that, as now that phrase has cryptic meanings that I know one day will make me laugh...just not yet).

And for the past 28 days we have been living in Hotels and I kept saying that we will find a home, that it will work out, that these are just bumps in the road. That the Flood was actually the beginning of our Adventure , Our Journey....But that the flood had clearly defined what mattered. That we had each other and the pets...

And so we began the trip to NYC not sure of what or who we would find. And we have met amazing people, people who did not know us, who reached out and really went the extra mile for us because they had to. And there were and are some circumstances that made this situation so precarious, but they did not let us down or back I am beyond grateful. And 6-6 and I are thankful in ways I can not even measure or describe. A very small circle worked to save 6-6's Dream and they were and are so special, I will spend a long time making sure they know we value them.

Things are still Falling Into Place.....But this I know 6-6 is on the way to his future and he is in the Right Place.....Thank you to all who helped and especially this 2 months when so much was painfully broken, I am also grateful to you, you helped keep us hopeful and anchored.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brooklyn Dreams.....We are so close......but we need a little help....

Many of you know that 6-6 and I have been trying very hard to get to Brooklyn so he can study what he loves at Brooklyn College. When the Economic Collapse 2008/2009 happened The Dream was put on Hold.

So 6-6 and I have spent this year trying to get everything in order. Paying off Bills and All Rent is paid off and we have given notice and we have been Looking for Housing daily since March.

And we have only 2.5 weeks to go, and I will be honest the past 4 weeks have been beyond hellish....and our Landlord is being less than helpful. ( Which is sad as I have rented from him for 5.5 years and have been a wonderful tenant...seriously coping with my Radical Attic and No Heat....and refinishing the attic floors and painting and patching walls....etc). I tried to go to NYC and Look for a place and then I got very sick on the Road and had to turn around and come home with no place Found. And the Car Accident really set our Savings and Finances back in a horrible way. And yes there were bills for Xena too, but every cent of those were worth it. And the list goes on and on, this amount of Obstacles has really created much worry and stress....I am very committed to helping 6-6 Reach This Dream....and we are so close...

So I am respectfully asking if you support a Mom trying her best to help her Son Reach his Dreams....Please if you would give even just a little bit to the PayPal Button on the Side...We would be ever grateful.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will be as one." John Lennon "Imagine"